Cannabis, Hemp used in food produced for sale is legal

  • Cannabis, hemp, and cannabidiol (CBD) extracts are used as food ingredients for their production. Must be only the part of the plant specified in the Ministry of Public Health notification.
  • Including hemp seeds and hemp seed oil, Hemp Seed Protein Food products are made from bark, stems, fibers, branches, roots, and leaves, which do not have shoots or inflorescences attached to them.
  • Food products that use the use of CBD extracts. CBD shop apply for food registration or permission to use food labels.
  • Conditions of food type, amount of THC and CBD, and warnings are as specified in the announcement.
  • CBD shop wishing to produce food for sale must also apply for a food production location and food serial number.

The legal distribution of marijuana

  • Distribution of parts of the cannabis plant No need to apply for a license under the law on narcotics
  • Selling seeds and cultivars must obtain permission under the Plant Variety Act B.E. 2518.
  • Distribution of extracts that are permitted to extract under the law on drugs.
  • In the case of an extract containing no more than 0.2% of THC, a license to sell narcotics is not required.
  • Extracts containing more than 0.2% THC must have a license to sell narcotics. And the buyer must have a permit for drugs.
  • The sale of the product complies with the laws on that product.

How to import legal hemp cannabis?

Hemp parts of the cannabis plant are forbidden to import extracts. Except in the following cases

  • the case for the research study
  • In the case of a government agency for medical benefits

Import cannabis seeds, Hemp, and other parts such as bark, stem, leaves, fibers, branches, roots, shoots, or inflorescences. Produced as a health product or as a raw material for the production of extracts

  • Permission required According to the Plant Quarantine Act, B.E. 2507
  • In the case of importing cannabis seeds, Hemp must also apply for an import permit under the Plant Varieties Act B.E. 2518.
  • When allowed, if bringing cannabis plants, Hemp is used as a health product or raw material for producing cannabis extracts. Hemp to proceed according to the law on health products
  • In the case of food production cannot be imported Because it is classified as a prohibited food to be imported.
  • In the case of producing cosmetics cannot be imported Because it is a raw material that is forbidden to be imported.
  • In the case of producing other health products, if allowed legally, To proceed by the law on that product. Consideration of import inspection for Raw materials to make that product can also be processed.

Importing, bringing with you for personal use, cannabis, Hemp

  • The import of extracts from all parts of the hemp plant, Hemp, and products containing the details of the hemp plant, Hemp, as well as importing elements of the plant for personal use, and CBD shop.
  • It covers importation in 2 ways.
  • : 1. Bringing with passengers traveling into the Kingdom
  • 2. International parcel/post-delivery Set import rules for personal use.
  • The importer must be a natural person. It is intended to be used only by the importer himself. Considering the form of imported goods such as medical devices, dangerous substances, or herbal products, determine the purpose of use on the product label.
  • If the product is classified as food or cosmetic will not be able to import Because it is classified as a prohibited food to be imported. or is a cosmetic that is forbidden to be imported
  • Importing in the form of various parts of the plant must be allowed to be imported under the Plant Quarantine Act B.E. 2507 first if it is imported as food, for personal consumption cannot be imported Because it is classified as a food prohibited to import according to the notification of the Ministry of Public Health No. 424 B.E.
  • In the case of importing different parts of the cannabis plant, Hemp as herbal products for personal use to comply with the law on herbal products.

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