Concrete Cutting Blades – Things You Need To Know

Do you think all concrete is created equal? Do you think concrete cutting is a simple job? How much do you know about different types of concrete cutting blades?

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The Internet is full of guides, videos and blogs about concrete cutting and several people have this mistaken belief that concrete cutting is all about taking a concrete saw and pushing it against the concrete surface.

First and foremost, concrete cutting is a tough job that needs to be handled professionally or someone could get hurt.

There are endless varieties of concrete when you consider consistency, aggregate sizes, compressive strength, thickness, reinforcements, finishing and so on. This is why different techniques are used to cut different types of concrete.

If you’re going to cut concrete, you need a concrete saw and a blade. In this blog post, we will explore the topic of different types of concrete saw blades.

1. Turbo rim blade

It’s a type of diamond blade that is made using synthetic diamonds. It has a serrated rim that is designed to quickly cut through the hardest concrete. The biggest advantage of this blade is that it is extremely powerful but the finish may not be as smooth as the other blades due to the serrated rim.

2. Segmented blade

These blades are also made from synthetic diamonds. This blade gets its name from the spaces between different segments of the blade. These are known as gullets which are designed to clear the dust and keep the blade cool at the same time. Also, these gullets provide some flexibility to the blade which helps in preventing cracks during concrete cutting.

3. Continuous rim blade

As the name implies, there are no spaces or gullets in the edge of this blade. The rim is continuous and that is what makes it best for use during wet cutting. One of the major advantages of this blade is its smooth finish as there are no gaps in the rim. The continuous rim also makes it the perfect blade for cutting other materials such as porcelain, tile, marble or granite.

4. Abrasive blade

This blade isn’t made from synthetic diamonds but from aluminium oxide and silicon carbide. These are hard compounds but these can never match the strength of diamond.

This is why these blades are preferred for making shallow cuts. One big disadvantage of these blades is the generation of blade dust and risk of blade failure. In short, these blades shouldn’t be used for making deep cuts.

5. Circular saw blade

These blades have gaps in the rim and these are used with circular saws for making deep cuts into concrete and other hard materials.

Choosing the Right Blade

These are some of the main types of blades available for cutting concrete. It is important to keep in mind that professionals know which blade to choose for the best results. While diamond blades are perfect for making deep cuts but there are other options that may be a more affordable choice while achieving the same finish.

In short, there isn’t a single right blade for every concrete cutting job. It depends on the cut depth, type of concrete as well as the amount of money you are willing to spend on the project.

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