Fitness amid Lockdown: Tips on Healthy Diet to Avoid Gaining Weight

We know it’s hard to stop your hand from binge eating in lockdown. But this can cause you more than just a few extra pounds on that tummy. Experts believe that unhealthy eating in lockdown when it becomes a habit turns into a risk for mental well-being. On the other hand, your irregular diet can add extra meat to your body that will be hard to shed off when the gyms around you are closed.

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For many us of these days, life has become static. Even if we were not the biggest fitness freak out there we still managed to perform healthy activities for our bodies in normal days. For instance, walking children to school, grabbing groceries from nearby mart, and walking to train stations, and so on. These errands are now dropped due to lockdown.

Unlike the real fitness freak who has got their hands on applications that help in-home workout, we are just dreading over becoming fat while our hands are dipped in mozzarella sauce. Apart from sleeping and eating, there are not many sports going on in our lives and we blame the lockdown.

But in all seriousness, binge eating during lockdown has more than just physical impacts. According to Psychologist Charlotte Armitage, the eating habits we develop during lockdown can directly affect our mental wellbeing. She further adds that knowing the fact that we are going to be under this quarantine for a longer period of time it is important for people to keep a check on their eating habits.

This means that if you indulge in overeating and not exercising you are imposing a negative influence on your mental health.

So now that we know that binge eating is nowhere close to harmless, here are some tips to keep yourself healthy during quarantine:

Listen to the Hunger Signals 

Do you know that just by staying alive we burn at least 1,200 calories?

Answering the question of how one can maintain healthy eating habits during quarantine, Psychologist Charlotte Armitage says that we should listen to our hunger signals. She states that our bodies are really good at informing us when we need to eat and when we are full and satisfied.

She also says that the majority of the people living burn 12000 calories a day just by being alive and not doing anything. This is something we all can do by the only listening to put hunger signals and acting according to it.

In simple words, no matter how bored you feel do not indulge in binge eating when you do not get a hunger signal. Know the difference between being hungry and being bored.

Start with Home Activities

As I said above, many of us here are not fitness freaks. We cannot push ourselves into downloading home workout applications and make our home into a gym.

However, what we can do is fool our bodies into exercising a little.

For instance, you don’t need to have a tracker to count how many steps you have taken. All you can do is call your best friend and walk her through your day by actually waking. You can gossip with your best friend for hours so try combining it with walking and *whoosh* you have lost some calories and gained some valuable information through gossiping.

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Do Not Stress Yourself

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our lives have changed completely. We cannot meet our friends and families and cannot even step outside our houses. We have lost our routines and the motivation to look after our health. All of these conditions are becoming stressful day by day and results in stress eating for many people.

What you can do to avoid stress eating is avoiding being stressed. We know, it’s easy to say this but the reality is that these days it easy to practice it as well.

Instead of consuming too, much news about the coronavirus debacle makes yourself busy with household chores. If you feel lonely, just have a virtual hangout with your friends.

The point is that find a substitute for everything that is lacking makes you feel stressed and forces you to stress-eat.


Keeping yourself fit during lockdown is hard when all you want to do is sleep and eat. However, with the tips mentioned above, you might feel ease in managing your body weight goals during the quarantine factnewsph.

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