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Hiring a knock-down home builder

Hiring a knock-down home builder There are two types of house construction:

  1. Hire a technician for a day or a full time technician, that is, will be a technician who receives wages on a daily basis. On days that do not work, they do not receive wages. by setting wages according to skill or job difference, for example:

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  • Electrician, wages 500 baht.
  • Welder, wage 400 baht.
  • Bricklayer, wage 350 baht.
  • Apprentice craftsman or laborer, wages 300 baht.
  • Multipurpose technician (can do almost every job) 500 baht
  • The foreman works in the construction and supervises the work of the subordinates, the labor cost is 600 baht.

Those who hire day-to-day technicians are usually experienced contractors. foreman level Have the tools and equipment, or be an experienced boss who has the tools and the necessary equipment.

Finding a handyman on a daily basis from affixing the recruitment sign at the place of work or asking from people who know

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day job

Daily technicians have advantages and limitations as follows:


  • Get wages at the cost of 300-500 baht per day.
  • Able to order a variety of tasks. Emphasize important points or keep detailed work. Because daily mechanics do not compete with time without haste I hope the work is done well and the time is not too late.
  • Easy to use. because he is a regular technician You don’t have to wait in line for work like a contractor.
  • On days you don’t do it, you don’t get paid. If you work 1 day, you get paid for 1 day. Half a day is paid for half a day. days without work can order a temporary stop without having to pay wages (but not longer than a week)


  • No tools and equipment. Hiring technicians on a daily basis, we must have all the tools and equipment to use, including safety equipment such as welding goggles, gloves, shirts, and shoes. Come only with the craftsmanship
  • Tools and equipment Damaged faster than usual or lost because they do not pay attention to care.
  • Moderate skill. Moderate responsibility, continue to do according to the amount of accelerated wages. rarely work If you want to speed up the work, you have to give extra money / bribe (this evening give a bottle of liquor) or about having to be close to drinking the same alcohol band.
  • Must have continuous feed. because daily workers will have money to eat every day No money to collect, stopping him often causing him to not have enough money to eat or not enough to pay for the car payment.
  • Likes to have money problems, advance, leave, hangover after receiving the money.
  • From the experience of technicians who withdraw money in advance or borrow money at the end of every one.
  1. Hiring a contractor
  2. Contractor is a worker who is contracted for work as agreed upon or is a contract work, for example
  • Build a house for both goods and strength.
  • Contractor to build a house for only wages.
  • Contractor laying tiles.
  • Contractor to build a garage roof.
  • Contractors to install air conditioners.

Hiring a home builder is a high-value job. There should be a construction drawing Specify the specification of the material and The scope of the work, otherwise problems may arise. both homeowners and the contractor

It’s easiest to find a contractor to ask from your acquaintances or people who have previously built recommendations. and greatly reduce the risk from hiring a contractor with a bad history or working without a source

**Do not rush to hire. Especially the accelerated work There are always construction problems.


Contractors have the following advantages and limitations:


  • Medium to high skill level. have all the tools It is not a burden for the employer to provide
  • We do not require much experience. No need to help solve construction problems like a daily mechanic.
  • Has more responsibilities than daily technicians. The work was completed on time. No delivery, no equipment required.
  • No long-term burden of expenses, work completed, dispersed
  • Don’t be under pressure. because he had to find a job to take care of the technician on a daily basis


  • Labor costs are higher than daily technicians. Contractor’s wages per day are about 1,000 baht/person because of the addition of labor costs, fuel costs, tool costs. In the event that the contractor can’t work in time, he will hire a known daily technician to help. by providing a wage to help around 400-500 baht per day
  • Detailed or focused work. Must make drawings and contracts for details from the beginning, ordering changes or changing details during construction Often causing problems and causing contractors to lose focus on work. As a result, the work came out badly.
  • Asking for a free part of the work that is not agreed upon. will make the main job worse by reducing the material specification and reducing creation period. In the part that the owner does not know In the language of craftsmanship, it is known to be able to steal chickens.
  • Delaying payment periods. make the work come out bad because I didn’t have the mechanic’s mind, might encounter another chicken snatch, there might be a problem affecting the final draw
  • Contractors may be in a hurry to do it. because in a hurry to withdraw money or withdraw money that exceeds the work

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