What Does Abstract Art Confront?

The purpose of abstract art is to confront the viewer and let them decide for themselves whether it speaks to them or not. The abstract painting title may reveal some insight as to the artist’s intentions, but the true meaning of the work lies beyond the words on the canvas. As Jackson Pollock once said, “Art confronts us.” If we are to truly appreciate the art, we need to let it do its job, not try to find an explanation or a message in it.

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When you study abstract art, it is vital to understand that the different styles of interpreting a painting should not be considered the same. You can appreciate abstract paintings as individual elements of art, such as color, line, shape, texture, space, value, and form. To understand an abstract painting, an artist must utilize the elements of the painting to their greatest visual strength, and the artist must also create a sound composition from the various elements. However, you do not need to spend hours looking at an abstract painting to get the meaning. You can take a couple of minutes or spend hours studying it.

Regardless of the medium, the process of creating an abstract painting starts with an idea. While there are no tangible objects or obvious shapes to interpret, abstract art is open to interpretation. This freedom allows viewers to see a piece of art in a new way, and to create their own interpretation. For many, abstract art is a way to explore the world 52av around us. When you see an abstract painting, you will likely be surprised by what it can convey to the viewer.

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