What is Food?

What is Food? Food is a substance that we eat to obtain essential nutrients. It is usually animal, plant or fungal in origin. It provides energy, essential nutrients, and a variety of other benefits. The most common food is animal products, which contain more calories than plants. Nevertheless, food can also be a source of fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins. Here are a few more food definitions. Food is essential for our survival!

Humans have been omnivorous since the beginning of recorded history. We have adapted to our environments to get the nutrients we need. Our diets have largely evolved over the years based on hunting, gathering, and agriculture. Food has played a vital role in culture, religion, and social constructs, and it has also been the catalyst for globalization. For instance, early European colonial expansion and trade spread corn and sweet potatoes throughout Europe. These foods have since become staples of many cultures.

Children should eat fruits and vegetables from all five food groups. Foods high in fibre and vitamins are essential for proper growth and development. Low-fibre foods are bad for teeth, and foods high in caffeine, sugar, and sodium can contribute to obesity and diabetes. Vegetables, such as fruit and vegetables, contain fibre and water, and are great energy sources. Fruits and vegetables also help to protect against harmful diseases and provide energy. Hence, fruits and vegetables are essential for the daily diet of schoolchildren.

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