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What is Your Review of the Documentary The Game Changers?

What is your review of the documentary The Game Changer? I’d like to hear your thoughts on this film and its message. Many people have been divided about this documentary, with some fans applauding its pro-vegan messages while others feel the film is biased against veganism. I’m not here to argue either way, but my review is a mix of the two. Read on to find out what I thought!

A self-proclaimed “smart guy,” James Wilks has made his documentary about plant-based eating an important topic in the fight against meat marketing. He makes an interesting argument that meat makes a man stronger, which isn’t entirely true. But he does undersell himself by comparing the nocturnal erections of mixed martial arts competitors and mixed martial arts trainers.

This documentary was a hard watch for many people, but I liked the way it presented both sides of a controversial issue. While I’m not a vegetarian myself, I do understand the motivations behind the movie. I was interested in seeing how the movie would depict the complexities of a conflicting issue, as well as the human-animal bond between these species. But I was also interested in the story James frames himself as a meat-eater and his own relationship with the animal kingdom.

I’m not an expert on nutrition or exercise, but I found this documentary fascinating and informative. I was also impressed by the scientific research behind vegan diets, and I’m not just talking about animal rights. The documentary’s premise is based on science, but the results are very controversial. I was left wanting to watch it again. What is your review of the documentary The Game Changers??

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